Parent Support Services

Student Support Services

An increasing number of children are encountering difficulties in school that are not necessarily education related. Behaviour difficulties, self esteem and confidence challenges, emotional difficulties and stress related issues are presenting themselves at a younger age. For those of secondary age, the transition from child to young adult can also be challenging. Kings Langley is able to offer an in-house counselling service to all our students who may be encountering such difficulties and provides support and guidance through these times. The counselling service supports student’s emotional wellbeing and work will be delivered on a one-to-one basis to listen to any concerns and provide advice, guidance, information and support. If you have any concerns about your child please contact your child’s head of year or one of our Learning Mentors who can help discuss what support might be available.

As a school we also expect our students to exhibit their own resilience by seeking ways in which they can support themselves. To support our students resilience we have developed a range of self help guides that parents and their children can use to pick up strategies. Please use the links below to review these self help guides.

Understanding and managing stress

Understanding and managing panic attacks

How to cope with anxiety

The importance of sleep

Managing anger

Low mood and depression

Improving self esteem

Developing a resilience plan

Coping with self harm

Understanding and managing anxiety

Teenagers and sleep

Confidence, self esteem and positive mental health

Supporting your child to manage exam stress and anxiety


Parenting is arguably one of the most difficult and important jobs in the world, but one for which we are often least prepared and supported. It can be a rewarding and happy experience. There are also times of difficulty and worry. There is no ‘right’ way to parent, each one of us has unique circumstances which affect our parenting.

Our Parent Support Programme is now an integral part of the work that our Schools Partnership provides offering access to a wide range of support for both parents and carers. The Kings Langley Student and Family Services team can provide a range of Family and Parent Support services who can support with any concerns a family may be facing. Issues may be varied, for example:

  • Changing Schools (transition phase)
  • General routines (bedtime, eating)
  • Housing concerns
  • Understanding the teenage years
  • Loss or bereavement
  • Financial concerns
  • Issues with smoking, drugs or alcohol
  • Family breakdowns

Support can be provided on a one to one basis, we run a range of parent courses and workshops and we have developed a range of resources that parents can access. Please go to the links below for some of our parent support resources.

Managing the transition to secondary school


Talking to teenagers

Managing challenging behaviour

Teen health and wellbeing

Supporting your child in school

Managing teen behaviour

Parenting teenagers

Getting a good school routine

Developing confidence and self esteem