Students are expected to spend at least an hour a week on an activity that ‘enriches’ their curriculum. This is an important aspect of a well-rounded education, helping to develop the skills needed for university, apprenticeships and employment. As well as helping students maintain a balance between study and leisure time.


In School

• Sixth Form Leader
• Subject Leader
• Student Council
• Fundraising
• Film Club
• Drama
• Peer mentoring
• Reading mentoring



• Voluntary work – we do encourage Sixth Formers to engage in volunteering work with any organisation that they may be connected with.
• Volunteering in local primary schools.
• Arranging your own work experience, particularly if this is relevant to your chosen area of future study or employment.



• Playing for school teams, helping to coach teams in lower year groups or local primary schools.
• Playing competitive sport outside of school through local clubs or at District or County level.
• Lifeguarding/refereeing.



Sixth Form students are involved in running whole school projects such as one for World Mental Health Awareness 2023 Feeling Good Week 2021.