"The quality of life is determined by its activities" 


Extra-curricular is defined as activities which do not fall within the scope of the regular curriculum. At Kings Langley School we define extra-curricular as activities that students can take part in outside of lesson time i.e before school; lunchtime or after school.

At Kings Langley School, we seek to give all students equal opportunities to develop new or existing interests, talents and skills by offering an extensive and assorted range of clubs. We believe it supports the evolvement of students’ character by developing virtues such as team working, stickability, determination, confidence and creativity. The aim is to keep the extra-curricular offer as broad as possible from the usual to the more uncommon activities, and reviewing the programme termly to ensure it meets the needs and wants of the students.

To ensure breadth of activities, we use both staff and external providers for our sessions. There is a small charge for these which is dependent on the type of activity, the provider and the timing of the day. We keep costs to a minimum and support is found for those students where finance would be a limiting factor.

Every term, the available programme is published and sent to all parents, posters and displays are updated around the school and tutors are asked to talk to their tutees about all the available opportunities. Students are often interviewed or ask to complete questionnaires about the provision as part of the monitoring and maintenance of the programme. Uptake and attendance to sessions are tracked and reviewed allowing us to investigate reasons behind non-participation. 

Extra-Curricular Online Booking System

Extra-Curricular Programme - Spring 2024

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