Mobile Phones

"Give the people in your life the gift of your presence by putting down your mobile device."
Kate Northrup


Mobile Phones at Kings Langley School

At Kings Langley School we want a “Heads up School” where all members of our community develop strong communication skills. According to research, more than 90% of human communication consists of body language. When you see the way that the person you are talking to reacts, you are able to better understand how they are feeling. One of the benefits of face to face communication is the live feedback translated through the body language and facial expressions. Other forms of communication can never provide the advantage. You can also hear the tone of voice which makes it easier to interpret the person’s feelings. On the other hand, you are able to show your own reactions and emotions. For example, as a manager, with face to face communication you can show your employees that you care, pushing them to perform better.

We actively discourage students from bringing mobile phones to school. However, we accept that some students and parents see possession of mobile phones as an aid to personal security and safety and consequently, mobile phones are not banned but must be switched off and placed out of site and mind once on the school site.

Where a student does bring a mobile phone to school, the phone must remain switched off during the school day, be kept out of sight and may not be used, for any purpose, on school premises and grounds. The only exception to this would follow express approval by a member of school staff.

Sixth Form students only are able to use their phones in the common room and canteen during specific times during the school day. Students could be required to explain the nature of communication or use of social media.

The school will not accept liability for the safe keeping of a mobile phone which will remain the responsibility of the student at all times. As is normal practice with all valuables, students would want to hand in their mobile phones for safe keeping when in the P.E. area. Only in exceptional circumstances (usually involving other breaches of our code of conduct) would the school investigate the theft or loss of a mobile phone.

As is the case with all examples of unacceptable behaviour, inappropriate use of a mobile phone will lead to the application of proportionate sanctions, including temporary confiscation. All breaches of good conduct are considered on an individual basis taking into account the nature of the offence, its context and the prior behaviour history of the student concerned. The Headteacher or other member of the senior team will retain discretion in the application of sanctions depending on the nature of the individual situation considered. The procedures section in the mobile phone policy (link below) outlines responses to many common situations of inappropriate use of mobile phones.

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Students contacting home

Office staff will not make calls home on behalf of students unless it is an emergency. If your child needs to call home about after school activities they should ask the member of staff in charge of the activity.

Mobile Phone Policy