Trips and Events

"So much of who we are is where we have been."
William Langewiesche


At Kings Langley School, we run a variety of trips and events, both voluntary and compulsory. These vary in length from one day to, in the case of Camps International trips, 4 weeks. 

Our aim is to provide opportunities for students that they may not have access to from home and encourage them to try a broader range of activities, inspiring students to have more open attitudes and receptive mind-sets. We believe that there are certain experiences that all students should be able to undergo such as visiting a museum, watching a drama production and spending at least one night away from home. By the time students leave Kings Langley School, we want to ensure that all students have been offered these chances, and in the majority of cases, have taken them on.

The trips and events tend to be planned a year ahead, though we will be the first to grab additional and valuable opportunities if they present themselves. It is important that we try to balance experiences with costings, and ensure that costs do not prevent students’ engagement. Subsidies are given to the curriculum trips and events as a priority, though we believe that all activities have a developmental purpose and where possible would support subsidies for those who require it for any type of trip.

Our curriculum trips and events vary from:

  • Several days in Berlin linking to our history GCSE.
  • GCSE Field work for geography to see how the theory looks in practice.
  • Theatre visits to see productions of the current English texts that students are reading or as part of their GCSE drama.
  • Trips to synagogues, churches and cathedrals to enhance students’ understanding of the variation within religions.
  • Lectures and study days to expand and develop students’ knowledge in particular genres and topic areas.
  • Trips to art galleries to support the art GCSE.
  • Days spent at Eton or other colleges and universities. 

There are also trips and events that develop skills:

  • Bi-annual ski trip.

  • Football tour, with teams training and playing teams abroad.

  • Music tour, where the various groups and bands perform at venues abroad delighting audiences.

  • Local writers running creative writing workshops.

  • Drama, dance and music productions.


Lastly there are:

  • Trips abroad, previously to New York, Florence, Iceland for cultural development and interest.

  • Gallery and museum trips.

  • Theatre trips, or theatre companies invited into school.

  • Visits to places of interest from Hampton Court space stations.

  • Exhibitions from working with the Anne Frank Trust and running our own Anne Frank exhibition to visiting the Warner Brother studios to see the Harry Potter exhibition.

  • Speaker programmes which include a broad range from local MPs, fire safety officers, to Dacorum business owners and charity organisations.

  • Career speakers for additional Monday assemblies, with students being specifically invited to attend when their career paths match. 

At Kings Langley School, we have started keeping a log of all students’ activities, so that we can ensure that all students are engaging. This also allows us to tackle any non-engagement, whether that be finding additional opportunities that interest non-participants or trying to encouraging them to have the confidence to at least try some of the activities on offer. We consider our programme, in association with activities week and our extra-curricular programme to be an asset to the students and of our school.

 Trips and Event Calendar (2023-2024)