Pastoral care overview statement

At Kings Langley School all staff are committed to working with every student to provide the necessary support and guidance to help every child reach their potential. We strive to make every child feel safe and supported. We adopt a pro-active approach through tutor times, assemblies, PSHE and character programmes to provide guidance and personal development.

An experienced team of staff led by Assistant Headteachers includes a number of both teaching and non-teaching pastoral staff. Every child has a Form Tutor who has registration with the student each morning and whose role is to provide pastoral support and monitor all aspects of your child’s progress at school. This should be the first person to approach if you have any concerns or worries about your child. Each year group tutor team is led by a Pastoral Leader and supporting the Pastoral Leaders are Learning Mentors for both Key stage 3 and 4, who work from the Key Stage Offices. Pastoral Leaders and Learning Mentors will support the Form Tutors with pastoral care.

A team of support staff, including Kings Langley School Counsellors, Family Support Workers, a Pupil Premium Leader and the Learning Support Department also play an important role in providing everyday support and guidance to students. Alongside this we also work closely with a number of outside agencies such as CAHMS, DESC and Children’s Services if further support is needed.

At Kings Langley we work closely with parents to ensure guidance and support are provided via a range of themed evenings and parent workshops throughout the year. Please see the website and newsletters for further details.

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