Pastoral Information

Form Tutors and Registration

We aim to give our students a secure base within the school through membership of a tutor group. Each morning starts with students meeting in their tutor groups and many friendships are made between students in the same group. Usually the form tutor stays with the form throughout their time at school.


Tutor Groups

The six tutor groups are named according to the seven school houses: Saint Andrew, Saint Christopher, Saint David, Saint George, Saint John and Saint Patrick and Mother Teresa. Students remain in the same house and tutor group throughout their time at school. The houses compete with each other in sport, drama and many other areas.


Subject Groups

Most subjects are taught in tutor groups. Others, such as Mathematics are divided into bands based on continual assessments. This allows students to progress at a pace that suits their level of understanding and we are able to provide some support teaching where appropriate.


PSHE Groups

Form tutors will take their groups for a PSHE lesson each week to introduce students to aspects of personal and social education and citizenship.


National Curriculum

In line with developments in the National Curriculum all students in Key Stage 3 will follow at least the National Curriculum English, Science, Maths, Design and Technology, History, Geography, French or Spanish, PSHE, RE, ICT, Drama, Music, PE and Art.


Year 7 Students

There will be an opportunity in the Autumn Term for parents to come and discuss how their child has settled into the school with his or her form tutor. Later in the year at the main meeting of parents and teachers, parents will be able to discuss their child’s progress with subject teachers. Later in the school year a school report will be sent to parents that summarises student progress in each subject area.


Contacting Us

Contact can be made with school staff by emailing or telephoning the school. Your first point of contact should always be your child’s form tutor.