Advice and Support for Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Wellness

Positive emotional wellbeing and mental wellness are crucial in enabling students to feel happy and fulfilled within themselves as individuals. Students who enjoy positive mental health and wellbeing are better able to cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully, fulfil their own potential and make a contribution to their wider community. At Kings Langley School, we aim to work positively and proactively with students and their families to support them in achieving this. Please refer back to the Student Wellbeing page for further information on how we are currently working to promote and support positive wellbeing and mental health within our school.

Some students and families however, would also benefit from or prefer support from agencies outside of the school. To help with accessing these services we have collected the details of local and national organisations who provide support and guidance in relation to topics such as as Anxiety and Depression, Suicidal Crisis/Thoughts, Psychosis, Self-Harm and Eating disorders which can all be accessed by clicking the link below. In addition the link provides signposting and further information to relevant helplines, websites and apps which may also be of interest.

The resources have been grouped together by the above headers for your ease of reference.

Signposting to local and national support services