All schools need to Fundraise in order to provide ‘the extras’ by way of resources and facilities for their students. Kings Langley School, as many parents know, is not an exception. Fundraising efforts since September 2014 have enabled the school to purchase a considerable amount of furniture and equipment to ensure that the new school building was well equipped in every sense.


Please consider supporting the school in the following ways:


Join the School Lottery

It costs as little as £1 a week!







            Recycle your unwanted textiles in the recycle bin

by the main entrance to the school



 Donate to the Covenanted Fund


The school has a Covenanted Fund that is supported by both past and present families. This means that families can give regular monthly donations of any amount and if they sign a covenant form the school can reclaim 25% of the donation from HMRC. This increases their giving by a quarter at no cost to themselves. During 2015-16 the Covenanted Fund raised over £7,500 through donations from 61 families. Donations varied between a single amount of £500 to £5 a month or £60 a year.


The important message is that if you give a small amount regularly it mounts up over time and many small amounts accumulate to enable the school to continue to maintain and improve the facilities available for the education of the school’s students. Please consider whether you are able to support the students in a small way. Bankers order forms and covenant forms are available below or you can send in a single cheque in an envelope marked ‘Covenant Fund’.


There are over 700 families who currently have children at KLS. If 61 families can raise over £7,500 then 700 families could easily raise £75,000 a year for the school through small regular donations– don’t just think ‘I will do that soon’ – PLEASE DO IT NOW!


If you have any further questions, please contact Sally Fenemore, Finance Manager on 01923 264504