Our Mission Statement

"We will ensure the happiness of every individual in our school community by providing opportunities for growth and excellence through the education of the whole person"

We will achieve this by: 

Having the highest aspirations for our students regardless of their starting points. 

Pursuing the highest standards in teaching and learning, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Ensuring the curriculum is well planned, sequenced and rich in academic rigour.  

Seeking to employ staff who are experts in their subjects and who inspire their pupils through a deep understanding of and passion for their subject.  

Adhering to very high and non-negotiable standards of behaviour and mutual respect founded on a belief of unwavering moral values.

Making sure that individuals of all abilities are valued equally so that they can develop in a community rich in diversity and opportunity.

Working collaboratively with parents and guardians to ensure our young people are confident and mature individuals who are able to become responsible and valued members of our wider society.