Impact of Covid

This information is provided to explain the centre-specific impact on current Year 13 students of lockdown and school closures between March - August 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is intended to complement individual student UCAS references in line with the guidance issued by UCAS.

Information for University & College Admissions teams – Explaining the impact of coronavirus.

In line with government guidance, Kings Langley School closed to all but children of key workers and vulnerable students on March 20th 2020.  There were no students in the current Y13 cohort that met the criteria to continue to attend school.

As a result, students were not present in school for 15 weeks of planned teaching time.  Alternative provision was put in place in the form of pre-recorded lessons, zoom lessons and using the school’s online platform, Show My Homework. All teaching staff worked hard to maintain a rich learning experience, but this could not replace the experience of the classroom where skills can be rigorously developed and misconceptions addressed.

Generally, students engaged well with online provision, but this was a new and different experience for both them and for the staff delivering lessons as it is not an established way of working in our Sixth Form. Technology was a barrier for some of our students who did not have access to laptops or had to share across several family members. We were not able to provide a laptops for students to use so many reported that they were often completing assignments on their phones or were sometimes unable to access zoom lessons as a result of poor or slow internet connections at home. In many cases, students did not have a dedicate workspace to use as most parents were also working from home, or there were siblings in the house also wanting to access remote learning.

From June 15th until July 16th all of our Year 12 students were offered one face to face lesson (90 minutes) per subject per week. Further provision was not possible as a result of government guidance to only have 25% of students in school at one time per day.  Attendance was excellent; only four students from households with family members in the high-risk category chose to continue to learn from home.

The normal programme of Post-18 Information, Advice and Guidance (including University application support) would have been delivered during the Summer Term. Instead, all of this had to be provided through pre-recorded videos and by email. Since returning to school in September, we have been able to support students in the normal way.

Students in Year 12 would normally have undertaken internal assessments in June 2020. These were cancelled as a result of the amount of teaching time that had been missed due to the school closure. Instead, each subject has completed an internal assessments (in-class tests, rather than formal internal exams) in late September and these have been used to support the UCAS predicted grades.

We are now fully open and are working through a recovery curriculum to ensure our students have the opportunity to achieve their best in this year’s final exams.