If a student is going to be absent from school due to unforeseen illness, the school should be contacted by 8.15am on the morning of the absence.

Any students who are absent without any explanation having been received by the school, will receive an automated message from our attendance management system. You are requested to leave a message or send a text message to explain the absence.

Late Arrival to School

It is important that all students arrive to school on time every day if they are to make good progress. Students who are late to school should expect to serve a detentions to make up the time that has been lost. Any student arriving late should bring a note from parents to explain the late arrival.

Signing-in late

ALL students who arrive late to school MUST sign in at Reception.

If a student has not signed in as late, parents will receive a message from our attendance management system, as we will not be aware of their child's attendance.

Please be aware that we check the attendance of every child who is marked in the register as absent without exception. This includes the Sixth Form students.

Authorised absences

Please note that the decision of whether or not to authorise an absence rests with the school. Written requests are required for ALL absences. If your child is receiving medical or dental treatment, evidence should be provided.

Students leaving the school site during the day for medical appointments etc must have a note from parents stating the reason for leaving school.

It is absolutely vital that any student leaving the school site during the day signs out at Reception and then signs back in again on their return to school. This is particularly important in case of a fire drill or emergency evacuation.

We are likely to authorise absences for genuine illness, medical and dental appointments.

We will not authorise absences for shopping trips, birthdays or other preventable absences. The full list of absence codes is contained in our Attendance Policy.

Attendance rates

Good attendance rates and punctuality are vital for students to succeed at school. We expect all students to have an attendance rate of at least 95%. Any student that has an attendance rate of 90% or below will be of real concern to us as such a low level of attendance would make it impossible to make satisfactory progress and appropriate action would be taken by the school.

A letter from home is required to explain all absences, even for one day and even if we have been contacted already by telephone. All absences must be notified by telephone on the first day of absence stating the reason for the absence. We then require parents to call us every following day of absence to confirm your child's non-attendance.


Holidays during term time are only permitted in exceptional circumstances and only with the explicit permission of the Headteacher. Any requests for holiday during term time must be made in writing. Parents should be aware that holidays taken during term time will have a highly detrimental impact on a child's learning.

Application for leave for absence