Code of Conduct

What makes a good player?

  • Learn and observe the Laws of the Game
  • Beat opponents by skill and not by unfair means
  • Never argue with the Referee or Assistant Referee
  • Retire quickly to the appropriate distance when a free kick or pass is given against you
  • Do not appeal against throw-ins, off-sides, free kicks etc when they are given
  • Give the ball promptly to opponents for throw-ins, off-sides, free kicks etc
  • If an opponent give you the ball for a throw-in, off-side, free kick etc, do not take advantage of them being out of position
  • Keep your self control at all times and do not retaliate
  • Do not overact when your team scores a goal
  • Accept victory modestly and defeat graciously

What makes a good spectator?

  • Show that you appreciate good sport by clapping loudly and cheering
  • Cheer for your team but also encourage your opponents
  • Never boo anyone, including the officials
  • Always think of other spectators
  • Always maintain the very high reputation that the School has earned for itself
  • Appreciate good play by both teams
  • Recognise skill, enthusiasm and sporting behaviour in both teams
  • Although you are not playing, remember that you should act in a sporting manner as the School will be judged by your behaviour
  • Win, lose or draw, appreciate the efforts of all the players and match officials