Careers Education and Guidance (CEG)

Mrs R Jennings – Deputy Headteacher/Careers Leader

Email:     Telephone: 01923- 264504

Staff: Mrs Jan Wright - Information Advice & Guidance Administrator

Ms Lorna Cain - Personal Advisors – YC Hertfordshire (Youth Connexions)

CEG and work related learning form part of the PSHE programme (Economic Wellbeing)

Kings Langley School is committed to ensuring that every student has access to a comprehensive programme of impartial advice, information and careers guidance throughout their time at the school. We hope this will enable them to understand the options available to them and allow them to make well informed choices for their future career planning.



Work Experience 

Year 10 - 13th to the 17th July 2020

Year 12 - 13th to the 17th July 2020

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