“Mathematics knows no races or geographic boundaries; for mathematics, the cultural world is one country.”

David Hilbert, mathematician (1862-1943)


Mathematics at Kings Langley School

Mathematics is the study of logic, pattern and number and is unique amongst the academic disciplines for its absolute rigour. For some, the truth found in mathematics is the purest form of truth there is. To study mathematics is to train oneself in the art of reason, assembling the facts before making logical deductions, a skill very much in demand in today’s world full of conflicting data.

There is a rich history of problem solving in mathematics and the methods developed to tackle these problems have their applications in modern economics, science, industry and business. There is also satisfaction in applying one’s own mind to a problem and the study of mathematics is a worthy pursuit in its own right.

Mathematics knows no borders, knows no race, religion or gender and knows no social background. It has the power to transform a young person’s life and every child has the right to the opportunity to engage with a rigorous and aspirational mathematics curriculum.


Mr B Wilshaw -  Learning Area Leader

Mr P McDonagh - Deputy Learning Area Leader

Mrs L Dorrington - Lead Practitioner

Mrs A Afilaka- Teacher of mathematics

Mrs R Jennings -Teacher of mathematics

Miss D Khatri - Teacher of mathematics

Miss Y Li - Teacher of mathematics

Mr N Monk - Teacher of mathematics

Mrs N Ndlovu - Teacher of mathematics

Mrs L Patterson - Teacher of mathematics

Mr M Whitaker - Teacher of mathematics


Mathematics Extra-Curricular Programme

Maths challenge -  This is a national competition open to top set students in Year’s 7 to 13. There are age categories comprising of the junior, intermediate and senior challenges.

Royal Institution masterclasses - These ‘hands-on’ interactive sessions are led by experts from academia and industry. Each year a handful of students are invited from Year 9 to take part.