Learning Resource Manager
Ms J Hill


The Library is a key resource for the whole school community, and is staffed full time by a professional librarian, with support from a large team of student library leaders. Our aim is to provide a welcoming, positive environment where students can enjoy reading and learning independently.

Location and opening hours:

The Library is right at the heart of the school, next to the staff room, and is open from 8.30am to 4.30pm, every school day. Students are welcome to use the library for study, or to read for pleasure.

Find us online:

Twitter (@klslibrary)


Reading Cloud (Library Catalogue)

Email the librarian (Ms Hill)

Resources and facilities:

The library has a large collection of fiction and non-fiction books, constantly updated and maintained by the library staff. Computers and laptops are available for students to use. The library has a small collection of DVDs and audiobooks, and subscribes to a number of online databases and magazines.

Stationery is available to buy at cost prices (pens and pencils are just 10p!)

Lending agreement:

Students who borrow from the library accept full responsibility for taking care of these resources, and returning them on time. Charges will be made for the replacement of lost or damaged items.

Students in Years 7 to 11 can borrow up to four books at any one time, while Sixth Form students may borrow up to eight. All resources are issued for one month, after which they must be returned or renewed.