Ms M Chabrel (Subject Leader)
Ms Jackson
Miss Rivero- Fernandez
 Mr Shepherd



Overview of Scheme of Work for Geography

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Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Year 7 Overview of Scheme of Work

Year 8 Overview of Scheme of Work

Year 9 Overview of Scheme of work

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Edexcel B: Evolving Planet

Unit One: Dynamic Planet

Unit Two: People and the Planet

Unit Three: Making Geographical Decisions

Unit Four: Research Unit [ controlled assessment ]

Key Stage 5 Curriculum

Advanced Level AS = Units 1 and 2 A2 = Units 2 and 3


Unit One: Global Challenges [ globalisation and world at risk ]

Unit Two: Investigations [ natural hazards and rebranding places ]

Unit Three: Contested Planet [ six units on a range of physical and human topics ]

Unit Four: Geographicalrresearch [ one topic from a choice of six ]