Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme is a challenging and rewarding programme of personal development activities for young people aged 14-25. It operates in three progressive levels:

Bronze (for those aged 14 and over)

Silver (for those aged 15 and over) and

Gold (for those aged 16 and over) – currently not offered via the school.

Registration for the Bronze Award takes place at the end of Autumn term for year 10 students. We offer entry to 40 interested and committed students. It is anticipated that you will complete the Bronze Award in about 12 months.

Registration for the Silver Award takes place at the end of Autumn term for year 12 students. There is no upper limit on availability. It is anticipated that you will complete the Silver Award in about 18 months. 

The Award is made up of four sections:

Volunteering (helping other people in the local community)

Skills (covering almost any hobby, skill or interest)

Physical Recreation (sport, dance and fitness)

Expedition (training for, planning and completing a 2-day and 1-night journey on foot). 

Why do the Award?

Fun; new skills and interests; sense of achievement; friendship; discovering self-confidence and self-reliance; enhanced self-esteem – these are just some of the many reasons! The Award is widely recognised by employers, colleges and universities. Achievement of the Award will add to your CV. 

Who should attempt the Award?

Anyone who enjoys a challenge! 

How much does it cost?

The fee for enrolment is £155. This covers the administration, affiliation to the D of E Award scheme, training for and participation in the Expedition and provides you with your Welcome Pack. There may be additional costs, e.g. if you decide to join a sports or hobby club. A key element of the Award is the Expedition and this will require you to have access to a sleeping bag, walking boots, and rucksack. Tents, stoves, gas and navigation equipment are made available via the school.  

How much time will this take?

The Award runs from the Spring term onwards. Once your enrolment is complete we will meet with you to help you get started on the activities for your Volunteering, Skills and Physical Recreation sections. Two of the activities must be for 3 months and one for 6 months at an average rate of 1 hour per week on each activity, but they don’t all have to be done at the same time. Do give some thought now to what activities you will undertake. You will require an independent assessor for each activity who cannot be an immediate family member. In addition, we have Expedition training in the summer term plus a week-end activity to prepare you for your Practice Expedition in the summer term and your Qualifying Expedition in Wales the following autumn term. 

Does it disrupt school work?

No. Participation in the Award gives the opportunity to develop time management skills. All activities should be undertaken in free (i.e. non-directed) time and will often be in after-school clubs, evening clubs or weekends. Since the Award is simply an extension of a young person’s personal interests and activities, Award work can fit around school work or other work quite easily. 

Who is running the Award?

The Award team is made up of staff at KLS and other individuals who are giving up their own time to ensure you succeed. The operating authority that we report to is Hertfordshire County Council who, in turn, report to the national Award organisation. 

How can you get involved?

Complete the enrolment form. This will be issued via Form tutors in the second half of the Autumn term. Return it together with your online payment. Ensure that you and your parent sign the form in the appropriate place.

Once we have the form we will enrol you electronically in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award eDofE system using the information provided by you. The email address which you give on the form can be your address or your parent’s address. You will need to log on regularly to the eDofE system in order to record your progress towards your Award. 

How can you learn more?

You will find the D of E website, www.dofe.org helpful for information on activities or contact me at mckeownr@kls.herts.sch.uk

Mr R Mckeown

DofE Coordinator


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