Student Perspective

George - Year 12


For just over 5 years I have been a student at Kings Langley School and I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of it! The schools emphasis on stickability, resilience and compassion shines through in every aspect of school life, whether it be the teachers, the lessons or the additional opportunities on offer. The teachers are attentive, kind, and create an enjoyable yet focused academic atmosphere within lessons, which can often be energising and revitalising when studying a tough topic. As students we are encouraged to participate in lessons, and teachers evidently go out of their way to help where you need it, which I feel is widely appreciated by the student body. The lessons are organised, well planned and highly informative ensuring that students get the very best out of every lesson. Each lesson is designed to minimise ‘time wasting’, and to fully engage the whole student, and with productive initiatives like ‘quick-starts’ or shortened lesson times, it helps keeps students stimulated and motivated from start to finish.

When it comes to additional opportunities activities or clubs, I believe that Kings Langley is simply unparalleled compared to other local schools, from boxing to jewellery making clubs, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. One of the clubs that I have personally thrived in is the debating society, for almost 3 years I have been able to get my voice heard, drastically develop my confidence in public speaking, and use complex language to write powerful speeches, due to this I have been able to represent the school at some of the most esteemed places in the UK, the likes of Cambridge University, the Houses of Parliament & Stowe House. Not only has the society given me the chance to compete in highly regarded competitions but it has also helped me build important relations with various teachers, this in turn has led to the school taking several environmentally friendly measures, one of which has included participating in a tree planting ceremony with our local MP, to raise awareness of plastic pollution within local communities. I wish to pursue a career in politics and I feel that the skills and abilities I have acquired at Kings Langley, both inside the curriculum and most vitally the outside activities will have massive part to play in me achieving that goal.

Oscar - Year 9


My experiences and opportunities at Kings Langley School have made me a part of a new community and given me a sense of belonging and importance. I always remember my first day when I had my uniform which was too big! I knew I would be facing lots of challenges and that I might find things hard at first. However, I knew as soon as I started the school I could unlock my true potential, if I tried my best, worked with the brilliant teachers and support staff, and developed my inner character.

There are lots of opportunities at Kings Langley School if you wish to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I was always interested in dancing when I was young, and I decided to partake in a dance club after school in the drama room. During this time, we focused on different techniques in a fun and energetic way. I also tried the drama club, with Mr Flowers, a drama teacher, who is a little dramatic but a truly inspiring teacher! I was able to be involved in a number of after school performances and events. If you are musical, well you are in for a treat because in the music department you can practise using instruments like a piano, different types of guitars and loads more. This can be for anyone, no matter what level you are; I'm learning to play an electric guitar. I have not been a part of the other clubs but there are many, many more such as: football, netball and rugby you could do as well, just to name a few.

When you are a part of our school community you will have to develop a routine so that you can get your homework done whilst allowing time to yourself. At the start I found this hard as I was not used to being so independent. Although this is very different to primary school, you will get used to it with support from your form tutor, they will help you to take these little steps and in 21 days you will be brilliant and an expert! The expert teachers, and new friends, will help you to be school ready. I would advise you to sort out everything at night before you go to bed, so you do not need to stress and pull your hair in the morning, which could make you late or forget something. This is very important, if you get in this routine it will help.

There will be subjects that you like more than others however you still must listen and learn. We are lucky to have different specialist teachers teaching us throughout the day. They make our learning enjoyable and memorable. At lunchtime there are different sections of the canteen area: hot, cold and snack hut. I can honestly say that our food is delicious. I often visit for my breakfast too, especially on a cold day for a hot chocolate!

Carl - Year 13


I have been at Kings Langley for over six years, and I’m now in my final year of sixth form, and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every moment. In key stage three, my teachers created engaging, informative and entertaining lessons, often using unique and original methods to ensure that we memorised the content whilst having great fun. Much of what I learned still stays with me, I took great joy in learning it, and much of it has come in use in many different areas of life and education since. In GCSE the lessons remained entertaining, despite the large amount of content, and I always looked forward to school, especially when I had English, RE, or History, which I am now studying for my A levels. In years ten and eleven, the staff took an impressively active role in our wellbeing, offering any help we needed with personal or home issues, and an outstanding amount of support with any academic assistance we need. I’m incredibly glad I chose to continue at Kings Langley for my post-sixteen education, as the pastoral support is even more encouraging in the sixth form, which I am enjoying more than any other chapter of my education. I am confident that I will be able to reach my target grades with the support of such wonderful staff (lesson teachers, and the sixth form team).

The school is also a first-rate place to embrace any hobbies or interests, as many voluntary clubs and extra-curricular activities are run in every area of student life, from sports teams to art competitions. However, one can embrace their interests within the curriculum as well, all students, no matter where their prowess lies, are able to embrace their talents and interests at Kings Langley. The departments are well funded with exemplary staff and the students are encouraged to follow the path they are best suited to. As well as giving us a well-rounded, entertaining, and memorable education, Kings Langley prides itself on its focus on its character traits, specifically: stickability, empathy, and self-regulation, and emphasising these through our time at school has helped to change us into well-rounded individuals, prepared for further education and the adult world.

Bailey - Year 13


I have been a pupil at Kings Langley School since Year 7 and I am happy to say I have enjoyed every moment of my time here, so much so that I decided to stay an extra 2 years for Sixth Form! The array of opportunities that Kings Langley has to offer has enabled me to educate myself not only academically but outside of the classroom too. A few examples include me being lucky enough to travel across Europe on music tours to perform in cities like Barcelona and Salzburg, to represent KLS in competitive sports across the country and even visit Parliament and compete in a debate competition as part of the KLS debating society. The extra-curricular clubs have something for everyone. Each year at Kings Langley has brought new opportunities and new challenges that has enabled me gain the confidence to try new things, before last year I could barely stand in front of a crowd let alone say anything but thanks to the Music Department, I was given the opportunity to perform in the end of year concerts in front of a hall of people which is something I thought I would never be able to do. Without all these opportunities I definitely would not be the same person I am now. I am also lucky enough to have had amazing subject and form teachers who, whether I enjoyed the subject or not, always pushed me to do my best and who believed in me. Without their support I would have never discovered my love for history (which I then took for both GCSE and A Level), my enjoyment of class discussions and debates, my ambition to achieve my goals both in school and outside of it too and most of all believe in myself to achieve what I want out of life. The support the school has given both pastorally and academically has always been above and beyond. Throughout my time at Kings Langley, the school's core values of self-regulation, empathy and perseverance have definitely come in handy and this has prepared me to be ready for the adult world.