Student Leadership Team

At Kings Langley School, we believe that all students have tremendous potential to make a positive difference, not only to benefit themselves, but also their school and wider communities. The opinions of students are essential to the school’s development, and regular focus groups of students take place to gather their views on a range of issues including teaching and learning, transition, behaviour, home-learning and safeguarding, as well as school improvement planning. Student Voice plays a central part in the life of the school and we encourage our young people to take an active role in the Student Leadership Team, as well as many other established ambassadorial and community opportunities.

Kings Langley School Council 2021-2022

Sophie Y8
Sophie Year 7
Alex Y7
Alex Year 8
Sophie Y7
Sophie Year 8
Solomon Y8
Solomon -Year 8
Ana 2
Ana-Louiza Year 9
Siya Y8
Siya Year 9
Jai Castle Y9
Jai Year 9
Jess 5
Jessica Year 10
Laycy Y9
Laycy Year 10
Kalilah Year 10
Kalilah Year 11
Jamie Wilson
Jamie - Year 11
Marcus 2
Marcus Year 11

Sixth Form Leadership Team

Izzy Year 12
Grace Year 12
Darcie May y13
Darcie Year 12
Maria Y13
Maria Year 12
Bailey Y13
Bailey Year 13
Maggie Y12
Maggie Year 13
Niamh Year 13
Niamh Year 13
Samantha Year 13
Samantha Year 13
Samuel Y12
Samuel Year 13
Shri Y12
Shri Year 13