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Teaching and Non Teaching Staff

The school SENCO is Mrs L Patterson who can be contacted via this link or the school office.

Senior Leadership Team

Gary Lewis
Mr G Lewis


Fiona Winfield2
Mrs F Winfield

Principal Deputy Headteacher

Ruth Digby
Mrs R Jennings

Deputy Headteacher

Helen Pocklington
Mrs H Pocklington

(Designated Senior Person)

Principal Assistant Headteacher

J Shaw
Mr J Shaw

(Deputy Designated Senior Person)

Assistant Headteacher

Nicholas Monk
Mr N Monk

Assistant Headteacher

Diane Bell
Mrs D Bell

School Manager

Key Stage 3

Chris Thomas
Mr C Thomas

Pastoral Leader of Y8

Mrs Pauline whitbread2
Mrs Whitbread

Pastoral Leader of Y8

Sue Harvey2
Mrs Harvey

Pastoral Leader of Y7

Mr Scott Langston
Mr Langston

Learning Mentor

Key Stage 4

Amanda Jackson
Ms A Jackson

Pastoral Leader of Year 11

Aimee Rai Pastoral Leader
Miss Rai

Pastoral Leader of Year 10

Mrs Jane Connor
Mrs J Connor

Learning Mentor

Key Stage 5

Mr Ryan Taylor Leader of Key Stage 5
Mr R Taylor

Key Stage Pastoral Leader

Mrs Sandra Jenkins
Mrs S Jenkins

Pastoral Support Leader

Mrs Victoria Battaglia
Mrs V Battaglia