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Teaching and Non Teaching Staff

The school SENCO is Mrs L Patterson who can be contacted by email on

Senior Leadership Team

Gary Lewis
Mr G Lewis

Executive Headteacher

FSH smaller image
Mr David Fisher


Fiona Winfield2
Mrs F Winfield

Principal Deputy Headteacher

Ruth Digby
Mrs R Jennings

Deputy Headteacher

Helen Pocklington
Mrs H Pocklington

(Designated Senior Person)

Principal Assistant Headteacher

J Shaw
Mr J Shaw

(Deputy Designated Senior Person)

Assistant Headteacher

Nicholas Monk
Mr N Monk

Assistant Headteacher

James Tubb 2
Mr J Tubb

Associate Assistant Headteacher

Diane Bell
Mrs D Bell

School Manager

Key Stage 4

Amanda Jackson
Ms A Jackson

Pastoral Leader of Year 11

Aimee Rai Pastoral Leader
Miss Rai

Pastoral Leader of Year 10

JC smaller
Mrs J Connor

Learning Mentor

Key Stage 5

Mr Ryan Taylor Leader of Key Stage 5
Mr R Taylor

Key Stage Pastoral Leader

Mrs Sandra Jenkins
Mrs S Jenkins

Pastoral Support Leader

Mrs Victoria Battaglia
Mrs V Battaglia


Key stage 3

Sue Harvey4
Mrs S Harvey

Head of Year 7 

AFI smaller
Mrs Afilka

Head of Year 8

Mr C Thomas

Head of Year 9