Staff Perspective

Working at Kings Langley School

Teacher of Science - Naomi Headley 

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Working at Kings Langley School for the past two years has been incredible. I have been so well supported and encouraged by countless members of staff, both during my NQT year and beyond that. The character and feel of a school are something I think you can pick up on in a first visit; and at Kings Langley School you can instantly feel the warmth, happiness and kindness of the staff and students.

As a science teacher, I am always looking for ways to improve upon or enhance aspects of both my teaching and the science curriculum, and Kings Langley allows me to do just that through a supportive and well-established system as well as a commitment to continuous improvement, for staff and students alike.

I have been very fortunate that I have been given several opportunities to improve both my teaching and learning and my pastoral relationship with students, all of which I feel have shaped me into becoming a better teacher.

Learning Area Leader Arts – James Tubb

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When you work in a profession such as teaching, where you really have passion for what you do, choosing a school that you matches your principles and ethos is paramount to being able to make an impact on young people’s lives. After 11 years of teaching in south Essex,  I joined King Langley School after a long search for the ‘perfect’ school, a school that had morals and values parallel to my own.

I believe that teaching is not just about academia, it is about how the students, staff and wider communities experiences of a school; it is about the language that staff use towards students, parents and each other; it is about the curriculum, the resources and how these reflect the interests and needs of each and every student. In every classroom a student and their achievements should be celebrated. You should see who they are, where they come from and where you can take them. A learning environment should empower all students to succeed and for students to be leaders in their own right.

Since joining the school I been developed professionally; being given outstanding opportunities to progress through my career and work directly with the country’s leading education academics and professionals. Whist I take a proactive approach to reading contemporary research in education, being able to work face-to-face with leading specialists in areas such as SEND, curriculum design, and character education, is invaluable to being able to shape the education and experiences that all children and young adults deserve.

I am immensely proud to be a member of the King Langley School community, to work for a Headteacher and senior leadership team who have passion and integrity, to belong to a staff body who put students at the forefront of everything they do and to be among students who have character, who are respectful, and who have confidence.

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages – Luke Hashman 

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I have worked at Kings Langley School for a year now, and it has been a fantastic experience in so many ways. When I came for interview, I was struck by how friendly and welcoming everyone was. We have an open staff room instead of department offices which means you get to know people from other departments very quickly, as an NQT this has been invaluable as everyone is so willing to take the time to share their advice and wisdom, which has been so helpful. I unintentionally put this friendly spirit to the test by dislocating my knee during Open Evening (it’s a long story!), and was taken aback by just how kind and supportive everyone was, staff and students, both when it happened and in the weeks that followed as I was recovering.

I have had excellent support throughout my NQT induction, with supportive mentoring within school and the opportunity to attend subject-specific NQT training days, which were packed with useful hints that I could apply in the classroom straightaway. The year has flown by, I feel like I’ve always been here and I could not be happier to work in such a friendly, supportive environment. I absolutely love being at Kings Langley School and remain just as excited about coming to work each day as I was the day I was appointed.

Learning Area Leader Communications - Sabra Butt 

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I first stepped into Kings Langley School 16 years ago as a PGCE trainee teacher with no teaching experience or background of working with children. All I had was a love of my subject, colleagues who saw and nurtured my potential and a wonderful team around me- in the last 16 years none of that has changed. My success in this progressive journey has been down to the ample opportunities provided by the school, for me to develop as a teacher, mentor and leader. There have always been highly experienced individuals around me who have allowed me to both discover and further unlock my potential.

Working at Kings Langley School has allowed me to be who I am, to progress up the career ladder regularly, to develop my practice and enhance my subject knowledge. There are times I have felt that I should move on, seeing friends and colleagues move two to three different schools when I haven’t even moved once has made me question my path but then again Kings Langley School has become like a second family to me. The pupils are kind and thoughtful and even thank you for taking the register! Where else could I get that? The students are fabulous, hard-working young people, who thrive in the safe environment that the school and staff provide.

The bottom line is I love my job. The pupils are a pleasure to teach and building on their academic and personal development is extremely rewarding. At KLS I feel we have voices that are heard, encouraged to think divergently and are afforded the opportunity to not only be our authentic selves, but also ensure we inspire our young people to do the same.

Premises/Cover Manager – Sarah Markley

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Having worked at another secondary school for 21 years prior to coming to Kings Langley School it was a daunting prospect making the move, but with the help of a supportive Leadership Team and the general staff body, the move has proven to be an extremely positive one.  Looking after a new, high tech building continues to be a joy despite the occasional challenges that looking after such a large estate can inevitably bring.  On a daily basis I find myself in awe of how hard the staff work to improve their physical teaching areas in order to support the students learning and this makes my challenges worthwhile and gives me an exciting environment to work within.

I have been given the autonomy to introduce new administrative processes within my areas of responsibility, which has lead to me having greater job satisfaction.  I have also found that work-life balance is now as it should be and this is both positive for myself and my family. 

Staff wellbeing is very high on the agenda at the school and I am continuously pleasantly surprised by the way, the team look after each other, a team I am very proud to be part of.